Meridian eSports

Meridian eSports… Just Not For Players

Meridian eSports delivers end-to-end solutions to help your organization get into the e-sports game.

At Meridian eSports, we have earned a strong reputation for understanding the needs to Design, Build while bringing entertainment and education to colleges, high schools, entertainment venues and more.

Meridian’s operational, business practices consist of four primary areas of service support: Construction Design, Build of Facilities; Green Technologies for the operational support of facilities; and, eSports Gaming.

Meridian and its core group of member service organizations, guide the Company’s master scheduling of resources and requirements while extending, appropriately, the day-to-day, acute decisions to be made by its onsite field experts. This organizational model affords Meridian the flexibility and expertise required to execute approved plans to occur seamlessly with our clients’ teams, partners and other contractors, to work independently as needed to support the needs of each development accordingly.

Development Principles

We use quality to deliver on every aspect of our eSports Service from curriculum development to general labor in construction:

  • Design, Build, A/E Experience and Infrastructure solutions to support all aspects of e-sports;
  • Industry leading PC platforms for gaming and game creation;
  • eSports resources and services to help meet STEAM and educational goals;
  • Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance is baked into every client services; and,
  • Labor Endeavors are Safety Oriented.

It’s Game On for eSports in Education

The eSports industry has positions for a wide variety of students, from those studying kinesiology to those aiming to attend law school or to study journalism.  There’s also a natural tie-in for computer science students who want to learn how to build games of their own or those who study app development and computer programming.

Rapidly evolving from recreational pastime to official leagues and high school sports programs, the competitive multiplayer gaming concept has created a new space for STEAM education.  Education systems are developing eSports programs and scholarships to provide technology to business opportunities.

  • REVENUE – Monetize eSports through multiple streams of revenue: ticket sales, merchandise, tournaments and streaming eSports competitions. Sponsorships represent a key channel of revenue roughly at 40%.
  • RECRUITMENT – Schools have embraced eSports for its positive impact on recruitment especially true when it comes to recruiting students interested in STEM fields, programming, and management skills. Given the lack of gender diversity usually found in STEM fields, the ability to increase female STEM student recruitment has enormous appeal.
  • RECOGNITION – Recognition is vital when it comes to extracurricular activities like sports. As a new sport, competitive gaming offers schools recognition in a not-yet highly competitive field.